About us

Phyto Performance is a family-owned business started in 1981 by Gian Aldo de Pieri, based in Padova – nearby Venice – Northern Italy, to manufacture products for sports medicine and physiotherapy.

The personal commitment of Gian Aldo de Pieri and the close collaboration of the family are the driving force behind Phyto Performance.

The choice of products was initially limited to 3, nowadays 700 articles are in the range.

The range varies from Cold Line with cold sprays, instant and re-usable cold/hot packs to creams and oils for massage, kinesio, tapings, wraps, bags, prevention/ orthopaedic supports, isotonic drinks and sport accessories.

Phyto Performance is ISO 9001 certified since 1998, and complies with cosmetic and medical devices regulations.

The company is highly valued and recognized for its quality and competence. The products are available from sport shops, pharmacies, sanitary shops, large retailers in Italy and in more than 50 foreign countries.

Besides producing articles with the company’s own brand, Phyto Performance has also dedicated a division to the production with Customer’s Private Label products.

Phyto Performance knows the importance of integrity, pride and excellence…these concepts are exemplified in the way the company runs the business and in the way it listens to the customers’ need.